How Does a Patron Help an Arts Festival?

When we think of an arts festival, we think of mingling with friends around artists, music, and food. From the artists’ perspective, attending an arts festival is a business decision. For festival artists, participating in an outdoor show represents an opportunity for income – it is a means of support for themselves, their families, and their passion. A Patron Program can help sway their decision on which arts festivals to attend.
Participation in an arts festival is an investment that is not taken lightly. On any given weekend during the festival season, artists can choose from several options throughout the Midwest in hopes of making a profit. Which festivals should they invest their time and money? Three factors help make this decision for the artist: anticipated sales, judge’s awards, and Patron Program support.

Why Should You Become a Patron?

Your decision to become a Patron is a sign that you value arts and culture in Joplin. Your contribution will help ensure that this celebrated community festival remains free to attend and continues to enrich the quality of life in Southwest Missouri. Becoming a Patron also encourages talented artists from around the United States to come to Joplin. It stresses to our artists that Joplin Arts Fest is a great place to exhibit and sell their work, and in addition to the wonderful crowds attending the Festival, there are already existing pre-pledged art buyers.

Become a Patron to the Joplin Arts Fest today!