With everything that is taking place right now concerning the pandemic and the stay-at-home orders, we know that many artists have lost opportunities to show and sell their artwork at many shows this spring. The Joplin Arts Fest planning committee believes the following changes to the artist’s application will help relieve some of the anxiety that artists are felling at this time:

The deadline for applying to the September 18th & 19th 2020 Joplin Arts Fest has been extended to June 13th. Jury review will begin the week of June 21st. If the show is canceled prior to June 21st, jury fees will be returned to the artists.

Jury notification will be no later than July 6th. Notification by artists of accepting the invitation July 20th.

Booth fee payments to be made no later than August 10th.
If the show is canceled after August 10th booth fees will be returned to the artists. Or, the fees can carry over to the 2021 Joplin Arts Fest with a guaranteed place in the festival.

Our artists are the most important part of our festival. Without the quality of artists that we have had over the years, our festival would not exist. Therefore we believe the changes we have made in this year’s application process will be of great assistance in helping to relieve some of the anxiety and uncertainty that many artists may be currently feeling.

Should any of the artists have questions, please contact Steve Doerr at